Friday, April 18, 2008


During Holy Week we had a service for the blessing of the oils and the renewal of ordination vows up at the cathedral in Calgary. I took some friends along with me because all are welcome and I thought that they would enjoy it. Although all are welcome the congregation is predominately clergy so they stood out a bit.

After the service many of the clergy said to me, 'you brought people.' And I guess they said the same to my friends because my friends started to laugh and call themselves, 'Erin's people.' This got abbreviated to Erin's Peeps.

This week, knowing things have been a bit stressful lately, they presented me with this gift:

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Skakes said...

hahaha! that is awesome! I like to think i am also one of your peeps. Kind of a N-Side term for someone from your area of town though. however...I think you can rock it.