Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Denny Crane

After all the sorrow in my life these past few months it is with great joy that I introduce the newest member of my family....Denny Crane. Yorkies are friendly, courageous (ie a little in your face), social, high energy. Doesn't that sound like Denny Crane?


Rinkly Rimes said...

Your little dog reminds me so much of my daughter's little fellow, Banjo. Banjo isn't well-bred but he has the most delightful personality. He 'corresponds' all the time; should we be thinking 'ball throwing' (his passion,) he'll get excited. Should we be thinking 'lap time' he'll suddenly jump up and cuddle. I know your little dog will help you through this sad time.
Brenda (Rinkly)

Tim Chesterton said...

Like I said on Facebook, I didn't think you could be without a dog for long!

Erin said...

A house without a dog has no heart...or at least my house without a dog has no cat is not amused.

Anonymous said...

Dear Denny Crane,

Welcome to Erin's world. You will receive more than your share of love, treats, van rides, nice Christian folk, and not so nice banter at her theology reading group meetings!

I am glad you are here to love and amuse Erin through a difficult time in your own doggie way. I just wish my owners lived closer to Lethbridge so that I could sniff your bum!

Your alpha friend,
Scruffy (Barter Moulaison)

Erin said...

Denny isn't reading yet but he enjoyed my reading of this to him. He's played for a half hour - time for sleep now :-)

Annika said...

What a name to live up to! :-) This is great news; I am very happy for you two.

Erin said...

Thanks Annika! he's already living up to it - he tried to have relations with his rubber chicken today :-)

Soph said...

hi it`s scruffy again denny is so cute. have you ever been on a walk?
scruffy is very good on walks. once wheen I was on a walk I saw a yorkshire terrier named Pooh.

Erin said...

Hi Scruffy,
Denny is sleeping now so I'll answer for him. He's too little yet to go on walks. Once he has his second set of shots in a few weeks I'll start taking him out. He has been to a friends house and played with her dog because we know that dog has had all her shots. Denny has a new harness and leash to use when he's ready though. It is very tiny and I think he will grow out of it pretty fast. But it is very colourful and bright - I think he will look very handsome in it.
thanks for asking!

Kathryn said...

Oh Erin I am so so glad! Denny looks to be a real charmer. Mufti the Australian terrier approves mightily, and thinks he'll be much better mannered than Libby the golden retriever pup, whose paws are MUCH too big.
I'm just delighted that you have a dog to love and be loved by after so much sadness.