Monday, October 27, 2008

Great News

Last Monday was a brutal day. Families were told at Extendicare that the Lethbridge facility would be closed next July although they haven't even started building the new facility. This means residents will be separated not only from their home but also from their friends to be farmed out across the health region.

Then a hearing was held concerning the rezoning necessary to move the Native Women's Transition Home into the old Netherlands Reformed Church. It was tough to sit and listen to people raising their concerns about the home moving into their neighbourhood and then have one of the women from the Transition board cry asking the neighbours to please just accept them.

But today was a good day. The City Council voted unanimously to approve the rezoning so the Transition Home now has a new permanent site!

Now we have to do what we can to convince the powers that be to postpone the closing of Extendicare until the new facility is built.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Closing Extendicare is sheer nuttiness. It serves no purpose other than moving towards greater privatization.

Good to hear that the Women's Transition Home will finally, have, well, a home.