Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Annual Lecture Series

The Cade Community Lectures

“On Being Human”

Annual Lecture Series

Lethbridge Public Library


7:00 pm

January 19th - “What collecting has taught me about being human”

Erin Phillips, Chaplain, Ecumenical Campus Ministry

January 26th - “What policing has taught me about being human”

Hugh Richards, Criminal Justice, Lethbridge College

February 2nd - “What facebook has taught me about being human”

Jennifer Davis, General Studies, Lethbridge College

February 9th - “What volunteering has taught me about being human”

Mike Mahon, President, University of Lethbridge

Sponsored by Ecumenical Campus Ministry, the President’s Office, University of Lethbridge, the President’s Office, Lethbridge College, and Lethbridge Public Library


Sarah said...

Lately I've been thinking about how difficult and upsetting it can be to admit you were wrong or out of line about something, even to yourself, especially if you are really invested in your point of view. Someone should do a talk on that. How about "What Global Warming Denial Has Taught Me About Being Human" or "What the Tea Party Has Taught Me About Being Human."

Erin said...

Interesting you should say that Sarah. I'm working this term with a student on climate change denial. Should be interesting!