Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun Day

It has been a very full but fun day....this sounds like deja vu all over again. I seem to be having a lot of these kinds of days lately. This morning began with the gym, and then I met with a group of folks over at Immanuel Lutheran Church to sort a bunch of donated food into bags which we will hand out to students at the U of L next Wednesday. The local LDS church had donated a whole pile of tinned goods and with some financial donations we bought granola bars and other good things to add to the bags. Those got added to the bags which were donated from local churches. It was really exciting to get some new churches participating this term including Immanuel and the Christian Reformed Church in Iron Springs.

We started this programme about four years ago to try to give students support at the tough end of term. The university provides really nice cloth bags and local churches fill them with $10-15 worth of food. We've had as many as 700 bags of food donated in the past. This time some of our big churches didn't do it though so we ended up with about 200 bags. But that still means 200 happy students, and since the students tend to share the bags it will probably translate into more like 300 happy students.

James and Claire Penner brought a group of their ISCF students over to help and when we were done the folks from the university sprang for pizza for the gang from my favourite pizza place. No Mediterranean pizza sadly but the Hawaiian was good. Thank goodness I had gone to the gym. For the rest of the afternoon I did some visiting with friends and picked up some supplies for our new espresso maker. Can't wait to create our little coffee heaven at the office. Then it was a wonderful evening with dinner at Miro's Bistro, the food was heavenly, and then the university production of Angels in America. The play was really well done. I enjoyed it the best of the four plays I saw this year.

All in all a very nice day.


Skakes said...

my face looks awkward in that picture dont you think?

Erin said...

but cute!