Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer time

How do we know that summer is here?

#1 Roger Clemens has come out of retirement to join the Yankees' pitching staff. Go Roger!

#2 The NHL is in playoffs. How can anyone care about playoffs that take as long as the regular season with almost as many teams?

#3 I'm blond again.


Kevin said...

#1. Yeah, I saw that on TV at a pub with the sound turned off. I was wondering if that was for real!

#2. Playoffs are only 3 months long, and is better hockey than the regular season.


Miriam said...

Ahh summer...nothing like sitting down in front of the TV with chips, salsa, and the Playoffs. I live for this time of year.

PS - what Kevin said about the 3 months thing. And there are half as many teams. Anything can happen during the playoffs = more exciting hockey!! When will you ever learn? :)

Nice hair!!

Skakes said...

hmm I know little on many of your reasons for summer coming however I do know summer has arrived when I can go for a roller blade in shorts and a T-shirt at 12:15 am with bubbles.

Sarah said...

How do you know spring has arrived in Iqaluit?

1. You get to trade in your extreme cold weather parka for a regular one.

2. All the pieces of garbage and dog shit that have been lying frozen under the snow during the winter slowly begin to reveal themselves.

3. The sun rises at 3:30 AM.

3a. You are obliged to cover your windows with tin foil in order to be able to sleep through the night.

4. Kids are outside playing basketball until 2:00 in the morning every night.

4a. Kids are tired when they come to school in the morning.

5. You are in a good mood and so is everyone else :D

Anonymous said...

You can tell it's summer in Winnipeg
1. When you stop schlepping your kid to hockey and start schlepping him to soccer

2. Mosquitoes as large as crows start ruining the two weeks of summer before it's winter again

3. You have time to check out blogs b/c the academic year is over.

Erin said...

Oh man. Criticize the NHL and you sure hear about it! BORING!

But I'm happy to hear that our weather is better than the East and the North!