Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lecture Series about to begin

Next Monday we begin our 7th annual lecture series. It is a joint project of the university, college, public library and chaplaincy and a lot of fun. If you are in town check it out!

“And On the Seventh Day You Shall Do
No Work”: Contemporary Attitudes Towards
Work and Rest

7:00 PM
Lethbridge Public Library

“Cell Phones and E-Mail: New Shackles for a Modern Form of Slavery”
Erin Phillips, Chaplain, Ecumenical Campus Ministry
Monday, January 29th

“The Snack Mom Syndrome: Is There Anything left of Me After Work and Volunteering?”
Lisa Lambert, Project Coordinator, Women and Political Participation Project, Womenspace
Monday, February 5th

“Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight.”
Norman Wirzba, Department of Philosophy, Georgetown College, Kentucky
Monday, February 12th

7th Annual Lecture Series Sponsored by the Office of the President (U of L), the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (U of L), the School of Health Sciences (U of L), the Office of the President (LCC), Lethbridge Public Library and Ecumenical Campus Ministry


Erin said...

Hey Erin,
wow that lecture series sounds really good, wish I could be there. Any way you could email a copy of your lecture or something?

Erin said...

Hi Erin,
unless I'm sending myself emails in my sleep you better give me an email address :-)
If my text is more than point form I could send it to you.