Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now I get to listen and learn!

Now that my talk is over I get to look forward to hearing Lisa Lambert and Norman Wirzba speak. Lisa is well known in Lethbridge for her activism on women's issues. Her influence extends beyond just Lethbridge actually since she is also the writer of Martha's Monthly. She and my friend Jane Barter Moulaison started Martha's Monthly quite a while ago. Now Jane lives in the Holy Land (Winnipeg) and Lisa continues the project. The Premier of the Alberta said that he was interested in hearing from the Marthas and the Henrys of Alberta so they set up a monthly email to interested people encouraging them to write letters to Premier Klein on particularly issues. The email outlines an issue and its impact particularly on women and children and then gives the addresses of the government ministers who need feedback. Lisa came and spoke to my class last term and she's a really fun and funny speaker so her talk should be great.

The week after Norman Wirzba will be coming from Georgetown College in Kentucky. He grew up in Lethbridge and went to the U of L. For years friends of mine have been telling me that we had to bring him up and I'm delighted that it is happening now. He's giving three talks while he's here and they promise to be very interesting. I'm reading a couple of things he's written right now including his new book on Sabbath.

Here is his schedule of events for those of you in the Lethbridge area:

“Christians and the Care of Creation”
Presentation and Discussion
Sunday, February 11th, 4:00 PM
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 2406-11th Ave. S
Co-sponsored by Ecumenical Campus Ministry and Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

“Modernity, Morality, and God”
Public lecture
Monday, February 12th, Noon
University of Lethbridge, TH 103
Co-sponsored by the Departments of Philosophy and of Religious Studies, and Ecumenical Campus Ministry

“Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight”
Monday, February 12th, 7:00 PM, Lethbridge Public Library
the last lecture in the series
“And On the Seventh Day You Shall Do
No Work”: Contemporary Attitudes Towards
Work and Rest
7th Annual Lecture Series Sponsored by the Office of the President (U of L), the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (U of L), the School of Health Sciences (U of L), the Office of the President (LCC), Lethbridge Public Library and Ecumenical Campus Ministry

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