Monday, December 10, 2007


Tonight was Unchurch and during Advent we've been following a different format. We've been doing readings on themes with one of the folks who comes sharing on the theme. Last week the theme was doors and one of the group shared a picture he had drawn of the doors of the Temple. This week our theme was light and another member shared a quilted hanging of a candle she had done. It was a really powerful evening of sharing what the image of light meant to us. For many of us the stories were stories of candlelit worship of one variety or another. The coffeehouse were we meet was being used for a Christmas dinner so the owner gave us her own living room to meet in. Maybe it was the homey, warm atmosphere but the sharing was more personal and reflective than usual. I love Unchurch!

In the course of looking for readings for the service I came across this quotation from a long time favourite theologian of mine (I did doctoral work on him - didn't finish the degree but learned a lot), Karl Rahner:

If God's incomprehensibility does not grip us in a word, if it does not draw us into his superluminous darkness, if it does not call us out of the little house of our homely, close-hugged truths...we have misunderstood the words of Christianity.

from Poetry and the Christian, cited by Kathleen Norris is Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Grace

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aaronorear said...

The fact that you BEGAN doctoral work on Rahner impresses me.

Thanks for you comment, and for sharing that this Sunday was also your anniversary of priesting. Happy Anniversary!