Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Look at an Old Movie

Patrick Deneen has a really interesting take on It's a Wonderful Life over at What I Saw in America. He argues that George Bailey really hated the town that ultimately saved him and that his actions of building a new suburb for low income families also worked to undermine the community that came to his rescue. It is a very interesting critique of one of my favourite Christmas movies and fits my views of the suburbs (sorry Jane!).

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Kevin said...

I think George Bailey hated Bedford Falls just like most other people hate the small towns they grew up in. It's home and you can't "spread your wings" like you can when you go away.

I think his critique is too hard to Bailey, too soft on the socio-historical changes that were happening when the film was being made, and are still being felt today: the demise of community.

It wasn't Bailey's intention to destroy the communal life of Bedford Falls, since he participated in the ceremony when the bartender moved into his "very own house."