Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Annual Lecture Series

"Why Can't We Be Friends?  possibilities for friendship in the 21st century"

Eight Annual Lecture Series
Wednesday Evenings
7:00 pm
Lethbridge Public Library

Jan. 23rd Erin Phillips, Ecumenical Campus Ministry,
"Can Christians be friends?"

Jan. 30th John von Heyking, University of Lethbridge,
"Can Canadians be friends?"

Feb 6th Bruce MacKay, University of Lethbridge,
"Can people with disabilities be friends?"

Feb 13th Marko Hilgersom, Lethbridge College,
"Can e-Friends be friends?"

Co-sponsored by Ecumenical Campus Ministry, Office of the President,
Lethbridge College, Office of the President, University of Lethbridge,
and Lethbridge Public Library

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aaronorear said...

a.k.a. The Rodney King Series?