Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I haven't had much time, or maybe better said, much inclination to blog lately. Robbie has been having another really bad bout of congestive heart failure and I've not been getting much sleep lately. I thought Saturday night that maybe the time had come to put him down but then he bounced back. We went into see his vet yesterday - she's fantastic - and she had done some research and found we still have a few treatment options. So we upped his meds and we're monitoring him and hoping to get him stabilized again. She said he might see 2009 but realistically I'm hoping he sees Easter. If he makes it to then then we'll aim for Pentecost. He's chewing his rawhide right now quite oblivious to the anxiety he causes me.

When I'm not anxiously watching over him I'm trying to get everything started for the new term. We start our annual spring lecture series in a few weeks and I have to get my head around my talk. And then there is the Newfie supper we are organizing in the parish. Gotta love it! So life is full right now.

One quick film review - friends and I watched The Cemetery Club Sunday and it was very odd. This wasn't the American film from the early '90s about a group of widows meeting at the graves of their dead husbands. This is a new Israeli documentary about a group of seniors who meet weekly for discussion and community at the Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem. At first it seemed so disjointed and all over the place that I was inclined to turn it off but after a bit we got sucked in to the story of two sisters-in-law who have been friends since before the war. One of the women was a lawyer and much of the focus in on her. Her story is an unhappy one despite significant honours in large part because it seems that growing up in the ghetto and then surviving the camps has left her emotionally really damaged. She is very self-absorbed and her sister-in-law takes the brunt of it. It was in the end a very difficult film to watch. As an older friend said to me recently after discussing Robbie's old age health issues, 'growing old is not fun.'


aaronorear said...

I'm sorry to hear you're back into a nervous place with Robbie. That's a rough road, watching a pet's health fail. Probably the hardest thing, aside from a child.

Tim Chesterton said...

((((Erin and Robbie))))

Erin said...

Thanks guys!