Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unchurch on Salvation

We decided this Lent to look at atonement in Unchurch and are leading up to it by looking at images of salvation in scripture. We began Monday evening by looking at Luke 15 and talking about what it is to be lost. My favourite image of Jesus is the image of the Good Shepherd - it is largely because of the story of the lost sheep that I came to faith when I was 17. So we talked about the three parables and about being lost and found. Of course we sang Amazing Grace.
I am so looking forward to this term!

(Real Live Preacher got me hooked on the wonderful clipart of Steve Erspamer and I recently purchased the three volumes of clipart for the lectionary. For reasons I don't understand only years A and C had accompanying cds so don't expect to see images from year B).

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