Thursday, February 19, 2009


I went to the Martha Retreat Centre today for a quiet day. I went after breakfast and stayed until a little after 3:00. The sisters are wonderfully hospitable. They provide you with a room and feed you good food and leave you alone so you can enjoy the silence. It went by so quickly I was stunned. The quality of silence there is really embracing...I love it there and don't know why I don't go more often.

I did have a moment though when I wanted to check something on the internet and was jerked by the realization that I didn't have internet access. I had a picture in my head of me sneaking into the office to 'borrow' their computer and then I breathed deep and let the impulse go. The funny thing is that now I can't even remember what seemed so important that I had to check it right then.

When I got back a friend had posted this link on facebook. I think that there is real truth to this story on the impact of internet access:

So please don't confuse what I have to say for that tired Luddite screed about how technology is ruining us. It isn't.

Except it just might.

Because of technology, we never have to be alone anymore. And that's the problem.

So for all sorts of reasons I'm grateful to the Sisters of St. Martha for their charism of hospitality and their gift of silence.


Kathryn said...

fascinating article...thanks for sharing it

ROBERTA said...

i think i'm more addicted to the internet than i care to acknowledge!

Erin said...

this caused me to do some reflecting on my internet use too...

troutbirder said...

Solitude without loneliness is why I go troutfishing. Of course, sometimes I bring my rowdy GSD along. The fishing isn't the best then but we always have a gone time.

troutbirder said...

oops try "good time."