Sunday, February 8, 2009

Healing Simon Peter's Mother-in-law

I have to confess that the gospel for this morning has always irritated me. Jesus heals a woman and immediately she starts waiting on the men. But over at The Painted Prayerbook Jan Richardson gave me a whole different way to read this text:

Here is an exerpt:

Here we see the domestic Jesus, the intimate Jesus. Crossing from the house of worship into the home of Simon, standing at the bed of a woman whose body has been disordered by illness, Jesus conveys with his outstretched hand that there is no sphere that he does not control, no suffering that is beneath him to heal, no place where he does not desire wholeness and peace. He makes clear that his power is present in every realm, the home no less than the synagogue. He extends his healing to all, the woman in the grip of a fever no less than the man in the clutch of an unclean spirit.

There is no place, no person, unworthy of a miracle.

Read the rest here.

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