Friday, June 22, 2007

New Primate

I was a little surprised by the results only in that I thought it would be Bishop Hiltz and Bishop Matthews in the end but I thought she would be elected. I don't know him but I've always been really impressed by her. My friends from the East speak very highly of Bishop Hiltz and I have friends in Edmonton who will be very relieved not to lose their much loved bishop.

Bishop Fred Hiltz elected Anglican Primate
Winnipeg, June 22, 2007 -- The Anglican Church of Canada has chosen Bishop Fred Hitz of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island as its 13th Primate or national leader.Bishop Hiltz was elected by the church's General Synod, meeting in Winnipeg, on the 5th ballot, from among four bishops nominated last April by a gathering of all Canadian bishops.
Bishop Hiltz, 53, will succeed Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, elected three years ago, who announced earlier that he would retire at the end of the General Synod gathering now underway.
Bishop Hiltz was elected assistant bishop of the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 1995 and elected diocesan bishop in 2002. He was a member of the Council of General Synod from 2001 to 2004 and, since, 2006, has served as the Anglican Co-Chair of the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission.
In a statement after his nomination for the primacy, Bishop Hiltz described the Primate as "a servant of the people of God (whose) ministry is the gather the Church, to unite its members in a holy fellowship of truth and love, and to inspire them in the service of Christ's mission in the world."
He is married to Lynne Samways and they have one son.

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