Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No One is Happy

Having looked over some of the blogsphere it would seem no one is particularly happy with the decisions of either General Synod of the ACC or the National Convention of the ELCIC. A divorce seems likely.

On the home front my next door neighbour is building a new house and we discovered last night that he and I share the same sewer line. We discovered this when he cut into it. So the city came by today and told me I can have a new sewer line and it will only cost me $200-300 and ripping up some lawn or moving everything in storage in my basement so that they can come through there. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I didn't have a problem with my sewer line two days ago. My neighbour has offered to pay half the costs if they can do it easily and all the costs if I have to empty my basement. He's being really nice about it but then as he said, he's the one causing the trouble.

Houseprices are going up about 3% a month in Lethbridge so buying a house four years ago was the smartest move I could have made financially. Owning a house does have its downside though.

Oh well. I have indoor plumbing and clean water which means I'm more fortunate than most of the world's population. And my friends would say I needed to clean out the basement anyway.

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