Friday, June 1, 2007

Wheels and Pup

Well my van is running beautifully and it was only $1000 more than we originally thought it would be...choke...but it is running beautifully and safely so alles gut. And best of all Robbie is doing really well, hardly coughing at all. It is amazing how that puts everything else in perspective.

Tomorrow is ECM's big fundraising golf tournament so I'm running around today getting some stuff ready for it. We have an amazing group of volunteers who have been working on it for months to get it all together and it should be a blast. My job is to bless the golfers on the first tee and take their team pictures. Best of all tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful sunny day.

If you get the chance be sure to check out this great video on how to select a new Primate for the Anglican Church in Canada. Preludium has the video uploaded on his blog but I'm dealing with dial up right now so just follow the link or check out his blog.

I'm not looking forward to the General Synod because I don't enjoy what's happening in the church right now. Mostly I want to keep focused on my parish life which is full of joy and good energy. I know these issues are important and that I should probably engage in them more but I also find they suck the life right out of me. I go through times when for the sake of my spiritual life I have to give up reading Anglican blogs. Working also for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada I'm getting a double dose of it and some of the Lutheran conversations I've been a part of have been even more unpleasant. So mostly I'm trying to do my own work faithfully and to love the people in my life faithfully and that's enough for me right now.

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