Friday, June 29, 2007

Ethiopian Restaurant

I was checking my blog stats this morning to see who has come by lately. It is cool to see the hits from around the world. Hello Peter in Japan! There was another hit from someone looking for the new Ethiopian restaurant in Lethbridge. I forget the name of it but I ate there and really liked it. So if you are looking for it (and lots of people must be because I get regular hits from people googling it) it is on 5th St. in the cigar building next to the alley in the spot where Miros use to be before they bought their new building down the street.

Hope that helps!

Update: Just drove by and it is called the Abyssinian.

Further update: ate there again today with the kids and it was delicious. I highly recommend #14. It is 313-5th St. South and the phone number is 327-3315. Enjoy!

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