Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy Days

It has been really busy these past few days - no time to blog. Mom and Dad arrived Monday to take me out for my birthday and help me set up for VBS. Tuesday our VBS started and then I had a bbq in the evening for my folks. Yesterday they left early, VBS continued and then I was invited out for sushi in the evening. Today we finished VBS and now I focus again on chaplaincy work.

VBS was a lot of fun. We did the Augsburg programme Great Bible Reef and it was really good. The kids had fun, we learned some neat songs, and our older kids really grew into their roles as leaders. Our group was small - about a dozen - but that is about what we can handle with our small church and small group of volunteers. Two of my friends joined us to run the programme so we had 7-8 volunteers helping out. Most of our kids are under 7 so we need lots of grownup help. Our 12-14 year olds lead and do a fantastic job.

A while back there was a debate over at Fr. Jake's about packaged VBS programmes with lots of people praising home made simple programmes. I'm fine with keeping things low key but boy I appreciated having all the ideas and resources of the programme we bought and so did our cook. And the music was really really good.

We did add to the programme. On the second day the story was the healing of Namaan and we did a little session on baptism including learning how to bless ourselves with the baptism water as a reminder of our own baptisms.

Our main activity was to make aquariums to house all the great reef animals they made. They turned out beautifully.

Now I want to have a nap!

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