Friday, August 3, 2007

Summer movies

I'm in the middle of getting ready for renovations so I've got a demolition bin out front and I've been sorting through a lot of crap to find the one or two treasures before pitching the rest. Well, actually it is a complicated process of sorting out the garbage from the Sally Ann stuff from the recycling from the treasures. So while I sit and sort and shred and sort I watch movies.

Last night I watched Hot Fuzz. What a hoot! It is pretty gory in places so if you can't handle splurting blood you better not watch it. But it is a very funny spoof of bad buddy cop movies. The English do humour so well. Makes up for the cooking. I don't always like parodies but this one is really well done - and incidentally kind of a sweet movie about buddy cops.

The night before friends and I watched Breach (I took an evening off from sorting). It is the true story of the worst spy in American history. Really good movie - great acting and a tight story. There was lots of the spy intrigue stuff but also some really good inter-personal stuff between the spy and the young man assigned to shadow him.

Earlier in the week I watched To Kill a Mockingbird. I've never read it or seen it before and I liked it a lot. Gregory Peck has always been a favourite of mine and he is really good in it. I've always heard how brilliant the film is from Americans and I think it is something that you see when you've grown up in the States with that form of racism. I lived in the States for a year and found that the racism I witnessed there was similar to what I had witnessed here and yet different because of the different history. And we didn't experience the civil rights movement in the same way either. But when the preacher tells Scout to stand up because that's her daddy passing my throat closed. Powerful moment.

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