Monday, October 1, 2007

Unchurch Week 4

Tonight was Becky's turn to preach and she spoke on the story of Adam and Eve, Genesis 2-3. Beginning with Walter Brueggemann's interpretation of the story as essentially about the problem of knowledge Becky preached a very interesting sermon on the centrality of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. She's said she will send it to me so that I can post it.

The thing I love best about Unchurch is the conversation after the sermon. Tonight we started to get into all the other interpretations of Adam and Eve but Becky drew us back to the issue of knowledge and we got into a very interesting conversation about the difference between knowledge and understanding or wisdom. We talked about the way in which knowledge can change us, particularly the knowledge of evil. And we talked a lot about the relationship between intimacy and knowledge.

We are becoming a little community too. People are sharing more and seem more and more comfortable together. At the same time a friend of mine came for the first time tonight and seemed comfortable sharing despite being new. He was also included in the conversation which I thought was really neat.

I'm loving this!


Sarah said...

I want a copy of that sermon! Where can you read about Breugmann's interpretation?

Maybe all churches should start offering a question period after the sermon,to get people thinking and get stuff clarified. I had a ton of questions about the last sermon I heard. Or maybe that would be too intimidating for preachers? Too much like a thesis defense or something?

Erin said...

I'll bug Becky for it and post it when I get it.

A question period might be interesting but yes, it also might be intimidating. I really enjoy it though. I find the conversation really engaging and illuminating. I wish you could come to Unchurch - I would enjoy your insights.