Monday, October 1, 2007

Walking the talk

It is good to write about community and communication. It is even better to practice it. Two of my closest friends and I went to Calgary for the weekend to play scrabble. They are both celebrating big birthdays so I told them we had to go to Calgary so I could take them out for a birthday dinner. Any excuse for a weekend with them I say.

We got ourselves a suite and the Holiday Inn staff kindly found us a table and extra chairs for our board. We took some breaks for meals and some shopping but managed to play 15 games. We each won 5 and one husband told us that was very socialist of us. The games were fun and we had a lot of time to talk and listen to music and just enjoy hanging out together.

We also enjoyed Indian, Thai and Greek food. Yum. What a weekend.


Tim Chesterton said...

Good heavens - actually putting blog thoughts into practice? How dangerously radical of you, Erin!!!

Erin said...

I like to live on the wild side :-)
on that note I ate Dim Sum this weekend too.