Saturday, October 6, 2007

What am I thankful for?

Not in any particular order
  • That I have a good vet to keep Robbie healthy and found a good doctor to keep me healthy
  • that we hired three great students to be student chaplains this year
  • that I got to spend a week with my goddaughter this summer
  • that I got to go on holidays to Saskatchewan and Winnipeg
  • that I've discovered the joys of playing scrabble on facebook
  • that I got to serve Ascension for another year
  • that I got to celebrate another birthday with friends
  • that I have a new office at the college and a new espresso machine at the university
  • that I finally bought a denim jacket
  • that I discovered Prismacolor pens
  • that I get to watch Boston Legal Season 3 with friends this weekend
  • that I got to spend last weekend playing scrabble with friends
  • for East Indian food, especially the green chicken at the Royal India in Calgary
  • for Bonny and the Round St. Cafe
  • for Unchurch
  • for my best friend and my Ya Yas
  • for the kids in my life
  • for B who mows my lawn and J who cleans my house and for all the ways they make me laugh and delight at how they are growing up
  • for the ECM board and the golf tournament committee and all the volunteers who make the chaplaincy work
  • for jig saw puzzles and cards and lazy evenings
  • for lattes
  • for adopted family, for meals spent with them, for finding home in Lethbridge
  • for friends and family, for home and hearth, for dogs and cats, for faith and grace, for books and music, for films and plays, for food and drink, for work and rest, for love and tenderness, for joy and surprise
  • for the opportunity to plant vineyards and eat its fruit


paul said...

My wife is a old Scrabble-hand and a recent convert to Scrabulous on Facebook, which she seems to be treating as an excuse for international peace and reconciliation (and high word-scores!)

As a recent kind person re. my sermon, please feel invited to tag her on Facebook for a game sometime! She is called Heather Whicker and is always keen to acquire new Facebook Friends!

Go well, Paul

Erin said...

Sounds great Paul! I'll hunt her down on facebook land!