Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Shape of University Education

Patrick Deneen has a very interesting post on the university education over at What I Saw in America:

Today's article only further attests to the staggering absurdity of our current college admissions game: students are now "branding" themselves - a term we used to use for differentiating cattle herds and is now used to describe slick and often superficial ways that advertisers and marketers distinguish nearly identical products. This same term is now embraced by both institutions of higher learning and their potential students in the effort to differentiate themselves - and may have just as much substance as the marketing techniques to which they refer.

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Anonymous said...

A student told me she was going to get branded. Since it's Lethbridge, I just assumed she was going to some weird cowboy frat party. So I just smiled awkwardly and told her that sounded painful.