Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to reality

I'm back from a week in Vancouver and Vernon during which time the blunt reality of Robbie's absence was somewhat removed from me although I choked everytime I saw someone walking a little dog. Now I'm back and taking my old cat into the vet...maybe to join Robbie...he is not a well boy. This is the problem of having animals all the same age...when they start to go it is one after another, although 10 days apart is a bit much. Maybe the vet will have good news.

It is good to be back. It rained a little here today but it is a good honest rain, it falls and then it is done and the sky is bright again. After a week of mist and rain and gray I was thoroughly sick of BC.

While I was gone a young friend started a new blog. Check it out here!

I've had a day of puppy therapy from a friend's little dog. She's been generous in her kisses so I better go be generous with her dinner!