Friday, June 27, 2008

Iron and Wine

I fell in love with Iron and Wine after hearing the soundtrack from Garden State and have eagerly listened to all Sam Beam's music. So I found this blog entry about evangelical interpretation of Iron and Wine fascinating.

Not all evangelicals would appreciate this blogger's views but I think that there is enough truth in it to consider seriously:

The world for many evangelicals is basically black and white. But art is all about the gray, and herein lies the source of the difficulty: how can an evangelical really appreciate art when the evangelical posture toward the world is one that is anti-aesthetic? Evangelicals see things in terms of propositional and moral truth; but art is not primarily concerned with the propositional and/or the moral. Art is not teaching by a different means. If we think of the classic transcendentals, evangelicals are perfectly at home with Truth and the Good—with logic and action—but not with Beauty.

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