Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning in Brocket and Cardston

The view of the Rockies from St. Cyprian's, Brocket, the Piikani nation. (with a funny filter on).
St. Cyprian's...this building was moved onto the reserve about ten years ago to replace the old, historic, freezing cold in the winter church that is still on the highway. The priest of this parish, Sidney Black, is also the Archdeacon for aboriginal ministry in our diocese and a wonderful man. I bring my youth out here and they love it. The Sunday in the year when we make the road trip out (a little over an hour from Coaldale - 50 mins from Lethbridge) is one of their favourite. The people are very friendly and my kids love the music that they do - mostly older praise songs. I never lack for adults willing to drive either. My little parish really feels connected to this little parish. I'm looking forward to returning later this summer.

This was my first time in St. Paul's, Cardston. One of the men told me that the church used to be at the residential school on the reserve (the Kainai nation is right next to Cardston). In the '70s he said it got moved to Cardston where it is just a few blocks from the very imposing LDS Temple. I loved their altar but the nave is very long and when people sit in the back pews they are reeeaaaallly far away. I love Anglicans! We had to race from St. Cyprian's so they put food plates together for us and then there was a delicious potluck at St. Paul's so we enjoyed wonderful hospitality.The view of the Canola fields driving back to Lethbridge was gorgeous. I didn't stop again to take pictures of the windmills but they are pretty spectacular along this highway.

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