Monday, February 12, 2007

Carrying for soil

Norman Wirzba gave his first talk today and it was very stimulating. He spoke at some length about the second creation story and the significance of soil. I'd really like to read his book on creation now. At the end of the session he asked a question though that really set off all sorts of thoughts for me. He talked about particularity of culture and asked us what we thought the culture of agriculture is here. It occurred to me that I grew up in a city of a half million where there was much more attention paid to agriculture and the care of the land than I experience here in a city of only 75,000. This area is highly dependent on agriculture but it seems like it is all about agri-business and the focus of so many people is the financial. This isn't true of everyone of course but enough that I don't feel as connected here as I did in Winnipeg. Can't wait now until tomorrow's talks!

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