Thursday, February 22, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie 2

Last night's episode of Little Mosque was a bit of a disappointment. On Tuesday they broadcast an episode about a convert to Islam that was very funny. As a convert I can say that converts can be really difficult to be around. But last night's episode about the impending visit of the Archdeacon wasn't as good.

The premise was that the Archdeacon was coming and the rector of the parish where the mosque meets is afraid that he plans to shut down the church because their numbers are low. To add to this, the Archdeacon doesn't know that the mosque is renting space in the church. So the Muslims decide to help out the priest by pretending to be Anglicans. Funny premise but the Archdeacon was ludicrous. I've never in 25 years of attending prairie Anglican churches heard that thick of a Scottish accent coming out of the mouth of a Anglican cleric. Presbyterian yes, but not Anglican. Now some of the comments about how Anglicans worship were funny. And the little comment the Archdeacon made about closing a church in Dog River because nothing was happening there was funny too. (For those of you who don't watch Corner Gas on the rival CTV it is set in the fictional town of Dog River). But the dynamic between the clergy didn't seem like anything I've experienced or witnessed in my time of ministry.

Mostly I've liked how the writers seem to get church life. I was talking recently with some United Church folks who had found the comment that the organist who was fired for putting hash in his brownies had found work at the United Church very funny. I wonder if there were UC folks offended by the comment too - and if any Anglicans bristled at Sarah's comments last night about growing up Anglican but not remembering actually learning anything. One of the concerns people expressed about the show before it came on was that people would find the humour offensive. I know that over the years of teaching courses on religion I've made it a habit to say right at the beginning of the course that I find a lot of humour in religion and that I hope it doesn't offend people. So far I've never had anyone complain but I'm always aware that the danger is there. I'm glad the show seems to be walking that line well. Mostly I find the show is getting better and better. They seem to be relaxing into their roles and the dialogue is smoother.


aaronorear said...

I agree that the show is getting was pretty wretched the first few weeks. I also agree about the archdeacon, but then one doesn't look for verisimilitude out of Colin Mochrie. I wonder if that's how he experienced church as a kid?

Erin said...

I hope not. Those comments about burning in hell reminded me of Breaking the Waves - a bizarre movie with a funeral where the minister stands at the grave and commits the person to hell.