Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weird, wery weird

Lady in the a friend would say when he was young, weird, wery weird. I have a friend who loves this movie and has been raving about it. She bought it as soon as it came out and has told me on several occasions that she thinks there are some good sermons in it.

I was willing to give it a couple of hours of my life despite the fact that I remembered Roger Ebert's review of it:

The low star rating isn't just for pretension or ineptitude, its for hypocrisy and cowardice, too.

Were I the late Joseph Campbell, who devoted his life to exploring how myths are not arbitrary shaggy dog stories but speak to the hunger for meaning deep within our species, I would will my spirit to return from the Land of the Dead, raise my hollowed body from my grave, and pelt this movie with rotten lotuses.

I didn't feel so strongly about it. I tend to save my vitriol for movies I think do damage and I don't think that this one does. You could do some things with the water imagery and baptism and the healing scene with everyone laying on hands was kind of cool. But I don't think I'd watch it again and I do watch movies more than once if they grab me.

Now, in honour of the fact that the gym is closed tomorrow and I won't be getting up early to go, I am going to stay up and watch another movie - Flags of our Fathers. It is hard to go wrong with Clint Eastwood. Correction, the dvd is badly scratched so I'll be taking it back to the video store for another copy tomorrow. Okay, so it will be World Trade Center instead.

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