Friday, April 20, 2007

After Grief - a poem by Dorothy Livesay

After Grief - Dorothy Livesay

Death halves us:
Every loss
Our narrowness
And we are less.

But more:
each losing’s an encore
of clapping hands
dreaming us on;
the same scene played once more
willing us grander than
we were:
no dwarf menines
but kings and queens.

and still, some say
death raises up
gathers the soul strong-limbed
above the common tide
to catch a glimpse
(over world’s wailing wall)
of an exultant countryside.

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Skakes said...

You have posted a lot to think about here. I saw the end end of the service held at the U of L on TV. Looked like a pretty good turn out.

On another topic...was I really being talked about at ministerials?

See you Sunday! Are we just meeting at 5th level? Just so that you know I will be bringing books...and some music.