Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Activities

Sunday evening always comes too fast although I'm enjoying having my first Sunday evening without a service in months. This was a really good weekend with a couple of movies, Over the Hedge (a delight) and Stranger than Fiction (really interesting and a great cast). I got a lot of work done for the chaplaincy, the parish and my class. And I got to got to the park with a bunch of friends yesterday. There were three adults and four kids and a couple more kids joined us for bocce. Our team picked up a five year old ringer who bowled better than the rest of us - mind you that wasn't difficult. I actually swung in a swing for the first time in years - I have photographic proof but discretion might be wise. I'd hate to have blackmail evidence out there on the net. It was a really fun afternoon.

Today we had a baptism out at Ascension. He was beautifully behaved, even when I poured water in his eyes. Having short arms is a disadvantage for a priest. It makes coordination of water and baby a bit more of a challenge. It also looks like we've raised enough money for a cow, a half dozen goats and half dozen pigs, a variety of mosquito nets and some literacy training this Lent. Gotta love it!


Skakes said...

Hey Erin,
Thanks! I think it went over well. Went for lunch after with Elizabeth. People really enjoyed what we had to say and said they really enjoyed hearing it from students and not just board members.

Erin said...

Cool! See next post to see what Skakes is referring to!

Melinda said...

those movies are great!
over the hedge is on my top 10 cartoons list (and the ben folds soundtrack...doesn't get much better), and 'stranger than fiction' had me enthralled when i saw it in the fall.

so great.

i love movies.

Erin said...

Me too. I'll have to check out the soundtrack. Stranger than Fiction was a really interesting movie. It isn't often that a movie seems to explore some new idea instead of rehashing a standard plot device.