Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hospital Visiting

Well, as I expected Paul was appalled by my gifts. Actually, I think he enjoyed being appalled although he insisted that the statue and holy water be hidden away in case one of his 'real' friends saw them. He also told me that it is alright if other people pray as long as I don't. Oy. They've transferred him to hospital here so things are looking good.


aaronorear said...

Oy is right. I wonder why an atheist would care if someone prayed for him...I never did when I was one.

Since he's allowed it, I'll pray for him for you. It's like an indulgence, but I won't charge!

Erin said...

Well, if he is an atheist....
I usually take the same position on Mormons baptizing the dead. I've talked to people who get really upset about it but I figure if they are right we should be grateful to them and if they are wrong what does it matter.
Thanks for your prayers Aaron. I appreciate others praying for him since I can't.