Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saskatoon Farm

Oh yes, as Gracie points out in her comment to the post below the fabulous weekend involved the discovery of a new shopping experience. One of our little group told us that this sign I've noticed on the highway for years but ignored actually pointed the way to an amazing experience. And did it ever!

The Saskatoon Farm is actually a home and garden centre with an incredible array of household items, tapestries, kitchen items, jewelry, even chain mail armor. Then there is the bakery/cafe with the incredible scones and buns and apple crisp. And then there is the nursery with a wonderful selection of pots and plants and garden stuff.

And through the place wander a gaggle of roosters (outside) and cats and a dog (inside). They make themselves at home everywhere although they've been trained not to go into the kitchen or cafe and observe the boundaries carefully.

All this is 20 mins south of Calgary on the East side of the #2 hwy.

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