Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 140th Canada!

Well, Canada Day weekend is now history and I'm beat! Friday evening dinner and scrabble with friends. Saturday I drove up to Calgary to pick up my goddaughter who flew out by herself for the first time. Saturday evening we went with friends to Galt Gardens for an outdoor movie projected on an inflatable screen. The downtown business folks put it on and what a great time it was. The movie was Firehouse Dog - sweet kid's movie.

Yesterday we had church and then a bbq at some other friends' house. We had a visitor at church who found us through this blog which has never happened before. We had a really interesting conversation and I hope we get the chance to talk some more. Last night the GD and I went to the fireworks with another teenager who is a delight and we had a blast. They were wonderful fireworks and we were positioned closed enough that we were covered with ash afterwards.

Today I invited a bunch of friends over to meet the GD and to let her meet them. She and I prepared food all morning and she put the bbq together. It is a cool looking bbq but the regulator is crap and it didn't work very well. Fortunately I had borrowed one that did work. We ate a whole mess of food and had a wonderful visit. Now she's gone to bed - with Robbie who has decided she is the dog's woof. He follows her everywhere, lets her pick him up and carrying him around and sleeps on her bed. Thank goodness for my cats or I'd be getting a real complex by now.

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