Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Summer Fun

Had some fun the last two days. The kids and I went to see Evan Almighty and really enjoyed it. The critics have panned it but it is quite sweet. Okay, if you don't like sweet you probably won't like it but it is child friendly and has a nice gentle message. There are some really good things said about prayer and about caring for creation. I read through some of the reviews afterwards and a number of critics seem to be still angry at Mel Gibson's The Passion and the marketing of Hollywood to Christians. Why you'd want to take your anger out on this comedy is beyond me.

Ironically, Mark Joseph writes a piece for Fox News (read it here) arguing that it won't appeal to evangelical Christians because it is too 'green' and too critical of conservative (read Republican) politicians. So it is too Christian for some critics and not the right kind of Christian for others.

Today we went to the Lethbridge Buddhist Church for a tour. Rev. Izumi does some chaplaincy work with me at the university and is a delight. I enjoy his enthusiasm and his gentle spirit very much. It was interesting to hear his explanations of their space and their practice. We talked for some time too about the differences between practice here and in Japan. The Japanese theme continued this evening when the GD and I picked up a big order of sushi and other goodies and took them over to my best friend's house. After supper the GD spent two and a half hours putting together the BF's bbq and then we played a game of Nerts. We laughed so hard the tears poured down my cheeks. The only downside was that Robbie started to cough a lot again. He's been quiet for the last few hours but we'll try to see the vet tomorrow morning just in case.

It might seem like a corny line from Evan Almighty but there are times when grace is spending a hot summer evening drinking lemonade and playing cards with people you love and who love you.


annika said...

Hi Erin, its fun to read your account of the visit to the temple/church. Here is mine :-). See you Sunday.

Anie said...

sounds like the sweet days of summer, nay-the sweet days of life to me!!