Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Scenes of Winnipeg

The view of St. Boniface Cathedral from the river. The church was gutted by a fire in the '60s and a much smaller church was built inside the walls of the old church. Both are beautiful in very different ways.
Salisbury House is a Winnipeg institution. The burgers are called 'nips'and breakfast is served all day. Here is their version of a Rueben - another Winnipeg institution.
There is a Sals in the middle of the new bridge they built over the Red River. I ate there tonight with the GD and her family. This was the view from our table.

Lesson for the day. It would appear that the coffee place in town that isn't Starbucks uses tap water to make their coffee. Winnipeg tap water. See post below. My latte went down the drain when I realized that the bad taste in my drink was algae. I found the nearest Starbucks for relief.

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