Sunday, July 15, 2007

Suburban Life

J & G's kids check out the ducks in their suburban lake.

My last day in Winnipeg was a lot of fun. Whenever I'm in Winnipeg I stay with my friends D & D and since I was there last they had moved into a really sweet house. It is a couple of houses off of Portage and walking distance to Assiniboine Park. In 10 or 15 mins you can be downtown and there are all sorts of restaurants and stores you can walk to. The trees are big and the houses are really interesting. When it was a suburb the houses probably looked a lot alike but over 80 or 90 years the houses have been changed and have taken on unique features. Some of the houses on their street look like houses at the lake with big screened in porches. There are a dozen houses on their street that I'd love to have.

Friday evening we went out to the suburbs to have dinner with other friends of mine. We had a delicious dinner and a really fun conversation but we also had our perennial debate about suburban life. J & G love living in the 'burbs and J has a missionary zeal trying to convince D & D that they should move out there too. They have a nice house and I'm really glad they are happy but when I walk around their neighbourhood all I can think is 'Stepford' - when I'm not singing Pete Seeger's classic - Little Boxes.

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